Google Catalogs

Google Catalogs 1.3.5

Browse interactive catalogs


  • Interactive catalogs
  • Ability to share items
  • Ability to purchase items within the app
  • Store locator


  • Not optimized for Retina Display
  • Catalogs load slowly

Very good

Google Catalogs for iOS can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Google Catalogs web app instead.

Google Catalogs is a shopping application that allows you to browse interactive catalogs from your favorite stores and brands.

Tablets make great devices for browsing the web and doing some online shopping. Google realizes this and has come out with Google Catalogs for iPad and Google Catalogs for Android tablets. Choose your favorite brands and stores too see their individual catalogs.

Depending on the catalog and store, there are different levels of interactivity. Google Catalogs features a price tag button overlay to see more information about a product and to buy it. Clicking the 'Buy Now' button will take you to the store's website within the Google Catalogs app. No jumping out to Safari.

Some catalogs also include video content from YouTube, which is a great way to learn more about a certain item or store. There is also the option to check stores near by to see if an item is in stock if you'd rather purchase from a brick and mortar store.

The interface of Google Catalogs is simple and intuitive. Catalogs function much like magazines. Swipe between pages or look at thumbnails for each page to quickly scan. Unfortunately Google Catalogs isn't fully optimized for the new iPad's Retina Display. There is also some lag navigating Google Catalogs. Tapping on a catalog for the first time will take some time to load, although the wait isn't that bad.

Overall, Google Catalogs is a great application for window shopping from your iPad but has a few interface and performance issues to iron out.

Google Catalogs


Google Catalogs 1.3.5

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