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Google Catalogs 1.2.0

Browse digital catalogs and buy online

Google Catalogs combines reading catalogs and purchasing items in a simple and useful way. View full description


  • Many catalogs available
  • Can purchase items through catalog
  • Easy to use


  • Occasional slow performance
  • Narrow selection of products
  • Not user customizable


Google Catalogs combines reading catalogs and purchasing items in a simple and useful way.

The purpose of Google Catalogs is straightforward. The application allows users to browse digital catalogs from numerous large-scale retailers and purchase items. When users click on an item in the catalog, they are brought to a description page with the option of purchasing the item through the Android device.

Google Catalogs removes the necessity of catalogs being mailed to consumers and fills Google Catalogs with many retailers for users to read. The choice of retailers is very small right now, focusing on holiday items and high-end, well-known sellers.

Formatting of the catalogs in Google Catalogs is by reading a double page spread or a grid system that shows off every page with scrolling. Google Catalogs also has options for sharing online and adding favorites of pages.

In the 1.0.0 version of Google Catalogs, there are small performance issues. The application has problems loading the various catalogs by brand rather than type, and some catalogs have problems scrolling through pages. It is frustrating that it can take a couple seconds before a new page loads.

This early build of Google Catalogs is a great start, but there is room for improvement.


  • Visual design tweaks.
  • Refinements for orientation handling.
  • Storage of favorites moved to server.
  • General refactoring and fixes for reported crashes.
Google Catalogs


Google Catalogs 1.2.0